Home Management


A management is necessary because it allows student to understand every aspect that makes up the college more discipline and the different decisions made at every condition. This also makes sure that student are competent to make the right decisions for their better future in times of crisis and uncertainty or even better predict future crises in premises.

Governing Body:

A Governing body with the following members has been set up for Rajdhani College of Science, Arts & Commerce (RHSSSA&C).

  1. Sri B. Ram Prasad Rao, Chairman
  2. Sri M.K. Palo, Vice Chairman
  3. Dr.S.C.Panda, Secretary
  4. Prof.G.S.Mishra, Director
  5. Prof.Ramesh Ch.Choudhury, Director
  6. Dr. S Panda, Director
  7. Dr.S.C.Panigrahi, Research Head, REC

Secretary's Message

Rajdhani Higher Secondary School of Science, Arts and Commerce was set up with a view to provide value based education so that the student can nurture spirit of healthy competition and contribute in nation building. +2 Science is the gate way to every aspiring students for a bright education career. The college helps the students through classroom teaching, lab work to acquire fundamental knowledge for higher classes. Students are groomed in a disciplined and caring enviorment for their personality devlopments.

Director's Message

Rajdhani Higher Secondary School of Science, Arts & Commerce was created with a mission of providing holistic education, enabling students to realize their innate potential and flamboyantly succeed in their lives. The hallmark of our institution is efficacious principles, endorsed within the context of an ethical value system. Drawing from the best in global perspective, I believe our students will forge ahead as responsible, futuristic, global citizen as compassionate human beings.