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Laboratory is a room which is made up with many labs. Lab is the place where student can practically see what they study in theoretically. It is the most important role consisting in study life so only for better understanding of students we have 5 Labs followed by Physics, Zoology , Chemistry, Botany , IT lab.

Albert Einstein Lab

This is the physics lab which name is inspired by the Scientist Sir Albert Einstein .This lab have the capacity of 16 students at a time with latest equipments.

Ernest Rutherford Lab

This lab is name is given in the honor of the name of a scientist by which our student take them as their idol. This lab is under surveillance of 24hrs all for the safety purpose because of the chemicals and solutions. At a single time 15 students may stay in that lab.

Sir Jagabandhu Chandra Bose Lab

Botanical practicals takes place in this lab for the practical knowledge of student we setup a lab of Botany where student can benifited and clear more in botany and learn more about plants and trees. This lab is more appropriate to 20 students at one time.

Charles Robert Darwin Lab:-

Inspired from Darwin’s model this is the most important lab in +2 science line who ever wants to study Zoology in their higher Studies so for the better future with updated syllabus we put the practical things with permission without harming any natural beings. This lab keep the capacity of 20 students.

Information Technology Lab:-

This lab is most important for the students having IT branch. With modern version of 20 Systems consisting Operating System of Windows. This lab is all bounded with A/C and camera survillance.