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Rules And Regulations:

  • Frequent late coming and irregularity in attending classes shall not be tolerated. Such students shall be sent out of the college by issuing T.Cs.
  • Students need to attend the classes daily. Student can absent the class only if he/she will have the permission by the incharge authority .
  • No visitors are allowed to visit the student during class hours.
  • Students are strictly advised to wear college uniform in a disciplinary way in case any student will not in proper uniform then it will be treat as break of rule and the student will penalized.
  • The student cannot leave the hostel or college premises without any prior permission from hostel administrative.
  • If a student will misbehave his/her warden ,colleagues and juniors, college management will not allow that student to continue in college and give TC to that student.
  • The fooding system is arranged in the canteens so no student shall be allowed to take food in their respective rooms. Students are not allowed to take food from outside if any student is found with outside food then that student will be rusticated from the college for decided days.
  • The management has decided that no student allow with their personal phone inside the college campus. If one should detect with phone then he/she will be punished by the authority and punished by penalty.
  • Students can communicate with their parents on Saturday’s and Sunday’s in their allotted times of 4:00 PM to 5:50 PM and 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco, consuming alcoholic drinks or any other intoxicating drugs etc. are strictly prohibited. Any students, if found indulging in such practices, shall be asked to vacate the college without any notice.
  • Students, who cause damage to the college property and properties of other students, will be penalized.
  • Activities Of the students, outside the campus, have no legal binding on the institutions. Such student shall not be allowed to continue and TC shall be issued to them forthwith.
  • Students should not conduct group meeting, circulate books, pamphlets and papers conduct parties or get-together inside the hostel premises.
  • Students, who cause damage to the college property and properties of other students, will be penalized.

Rules For Gudiance

Some requests that put forward by our college authority to the parents. If the parents admit their child in Rajdhani Higher Secondary School Science, Arts & Commerce then they are requested to follow and accept all the rules and regulations.

  • The parents must deposit fees in between the given schedule time period to avoid the fine or penalty.
  • For the safety purpose of your child we have lodge a rule that only visitor visits the child and allowed to enter the premises whose name is mentioned in the visitor’s list that you provide in the time of admission.
  • Any dispute, arising out of any transaction relating to RAJDHANI (JUNIOR) COLLEGE OF SCIENCE, ARTS AND COMMERCE is subject to the jurisdiction of Bhubaneswar.
  • Parents are requested to not bring any cellular device inside the premises while they meet with their child to avoid the distraction of the ward.
  • While entering the premises parents need to guide their child to check whether the child is not suppose to bring any type of distracting gadgets .
  • If parents need to take their child outside the campus then they need an issued pass from the administration in which it shall be mentioned that the ward is going with his / her parents from a particular mentioned time to returning the campus within this particular time.
  • Identification cards are issued to students, parents and guardians in residential campuses. Students should always keep the identity cards with them for the purpose of verification. The parents and the guardians during their visit to the campus should show the identity cards to the security while entering the campus to avoid unwanted elements into the campus.
  • Parents when come to meet with their child they have to wait on the reception until their ward comes to meet them.
  • On every Sunday parents can consult with the Faculty about the progress of their children.
  • After every vacation parents can visit to the college to see the report card of their children.
  • Parents are requested to mostly visit on Sunday’s and other institutional holidays to meet their wards.
  • Parents are here by informed that do not leave the child inside the premises with unnecessary ornaments and more money.